Stable Core Method™

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Who can benefit from the Stable Core Method™?

  • Do you find that your saddle slips to one side every time you ride?
  • Does your horse have problems with right or left lead canter departures?
  • Do you have a hard time keeping your horse in a consistent gait?
  • Does your horse drop itʼs shoulder on the circle?
  • Do you find your horse is better when it circles one direction more than another?
  • Is your horse heavy on the forehand?
  • Does he lean on your leg?
  • Do you find looking “effortless” takes too much effort?
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Pam these are just a few things that have changed from working with you.
  1. I am stronger. I can move a few bales of hay when I need to.
  2. I have less sciatic pain, low back pain, less pain in shoulders.
  3. I have more range of movement.
  4. I have more stamina and am able to work and ride better.
  5. I ride better …. use my core muscles. Now that I know what my core muscles are.
  6. I have more body awareness,
Thank you for all you have done.  
Cari Cook

What are the benefits of a Stable Core™ Workshop?

  • Learn to stretch correctly before and after riding
  • Reduce pain while riding
  • Strengthen your core to correct riding mechanics
  • Improve posture, balance and flexibility
  • Reduce stress and anxiety and increase confidence while riding
  • Learn the physiology of riding and how it transfers to your horse
  • Create better communication between you and your horse
  • Change old patterns and create a new unity with your horse.
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Who is Pam Harrington?

Pam is the owner and head instructor at Good Life Pilates. A Certified Pilates Instructor, Pam has combined her two passions of Horseback Riding and Pilates to create a method for riders she calls “The Stable Core MethodTM.” Pam works with riders of all ages and athletic abilities. A life time rider, she has taught her method to professional trainers, competitive riders and backyard horse owners of all disciplines throughout the country. She has been featured on and and has presented at The Rocky Mountain Horse Expo.

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